Personalized Care - Offered Every Time
Dr. Runk says,  "Always put our patient's needs first"


An excerpt from "Success Stories" in the TriHealth Cancer Institute news:

"...Peggy had a follow-up breast ultrasound and MRI as well as a biopsy at the Breast Center, which confirmed she had a cancerous lump in her breast. That’s when she was referred to breast surgeon Diane Runk MD.

Peggy needed distraction. "I really just had to put it out of my mind," she recalls.

Peggy's Attentive Care Team Eased her Concerns

Just four days after her biopsy, Peggy was scheduled to leave for a 10-day trip to Florida to visit her son and grandchildren – and during this time, Dr. Runk treated Peggy as if she were her only patient. “Dr. Runk called me Monday, the night before I left, to let me know beforehand, that she was going to set something up for me to see her and decide what I wanted done,” Peggy recalls. In fact, Peggy’s flight home to Cincinnati landed at 1 p.m. and Dr. Runk saw Peggy that same day for an appointment

During the appointment, Dr. Runk sat down with Peggy and her husband to explain the type of cancer, how aggressive it was (it was stage I) and treatment options. Right then, Peggy decided on (an) action plan."